The winners of The Snapshot Press eChapbook Awards 2018 are:

Glenn G. Coats
Degrees of Acquaintance (Haibun)

Lew Watts
Tick-Tock (Haibun)

Previous winners

Chad Lee Robinson
Rope Marks (Haiku)

Carole MacRury
The Tang of Nasturtiums (Tanka)

Kathe L. Palka
As the Years Pass (Tanka)

Marian Olson
Consider This (Short Poetry)

Vanessa Proctor
Jacaranda Baby (Short Poetry, incl. haiku and tanka)

Lorin Ford
A Few Quick Brushstrokes (Short Poetry, incl. haiku)

Penny Harter
One Bowl (Haibun)

Beverly Acuff Momoi
Lifting the Towhee's Song (Haibun)

Thomas Powell
A Dawn of Ghosts (Haiku)

Allan Burns
thronging cranes (Haiku)

Susan Constable
The Eternity of Waves (Tanka)

Cherie Hunter Day
A Color for Leaving (Tanka)

Kala Ramesh
the unseen arc (Tanka)

Roger Jones
Goodbye (Haibun)

Margaret Chula
Winter Deepens (Short Poetry: Tanka and a Haiku sequence)

Cynthia Rowe
Stone Circles (Haibun)

Frances Angela
Phillip Street (Haiku and Haibun)

Simon Chard
A Fence Without Wire (Haiku)

Rich Youmans
All the Windows Lit (Haibun)

Simon Hanson
Desert Stones (Haiku)

Karina M. Young
Through the Lupines (Haiku)

Alan S. Bridges
in a flash (Haiku)

Matthew Caretti
Harvesting Stones (Haibun)

Jean James
A Start of Leaves (Short Poetry)

Winning collections are free to read and are added to our eBooks page as they are published.

A print anthology, featuring a selection of the best individual poems and haibun from the first four years of the Awards, will be published by Snapshot Press.

List of contributors:
S.M. Abeles, Jenny Ward Angyal, Susan Antolin, Joanna Ashwell, Jon Baldwin, Collin Barber, Sheila K. Barksdale, Anne Benjamin, Maureen Berry, Cathy Drinkwater Better, Johannes S. H. Bjerg, Meik Blöttenberger, Elizabeth Bodien, Nola Borrell, Alan S. Bridges, Dawn Bruce, Helen Buckingham, Owen Bullock, Allan Burns, Metod Cešek, Paul Chambers, Simon Chard, Margaret Chula, d. e. connelly, Susan Constable, Dill Darling, Janet Lynn Davis, Cherie Hunter Day, Margaret Lane Dornaus, Catherine Edmunds, Juanito Escareal, Claire Everett, Diarmuid Fitzgerald, Seánan Forbes, Lorin Ford, Kate Franks, Terri L. French, Linda Galloway, Beverley George, Nigel Gibbions, Peter Joseph Gloviczki, Katie Grant, David Grayson, Autumn Noelle Hall, Penny Harter, Karen Hoy, Mark Hutchinson, David Jacobs, Ryan Jessup, P M F Johnson, Roger Jones, Julie Bloss Kelsey, John Kinory, Catherine J.S. Lee, Stephen W. Leslie, Antoinette Libro, Erik Linzbach, Chen-ou Liu, CaroleAnn Lovin, Eve Luckring, Bob Lucky, Carole MacRury, Joy McCall, Clare McCotter, Jo McInerney, John McManus, Beverly Acuff Momoi, Genie Nakano, James Norton, Marian Olson, Clive Oseman, Kathe L. Palka, Marianne Paul, Stella Pierides, Beth Powell, Thomas Powell, Vanessa Proctor, Nu Quang, Kala Ramesh, David C. Rice, Edward J. Rielly, Mark Ritchie, Aalix Roake, Jo-Anna Roberts, Chad Lee Robinson, Carolyne Rohrig, Michele Root-Bernstein, Rosie Roumeliotis, Cynthia Rowe, Breda Wall Ryan, Max Ryan, Sue Schraer, Dan Schwerin, William Seltzer, David Serjeant, John Soules, Mathew V. Spano, S R Spanyer, Carmen Sterba, Scott Stoller, Debbie Strange, Maureen Sudlow, Alan Summers, Lesley Anne Swanson, Dietmar Tauchner, M. Franklyn Teaford, Richard Tindall, Frances Trosborg, Marilyn Appl Walker, Julie Warther, Diana Webb, Noel Williams, Rodney Williams, Sara Winteridge, Fran Witham, and J. Zimmerman.


The Snapshot Press eChapbook Awards are international annual prizes for unpublished small collections of haiku, tanka, and other short poetry. The closing date for entries is July 31.

Unpublished book-length collections of haiku, tanka, and other short poetry may be submitted for print publication to The Snapshot Press Book Awards. The closing date for entries is March 1.