Water Lines

Carolyn Hall

Water Lines

81 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-53-5 (2nd edition)


Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award

Praise for Water Lines

‘Carolyn Hall’s haiku are marked by integrity, intelligence and humanity. She writes within the haiku tradition without being shackled by it and challenges her readers with fresh images and novel allusions. Here is a writer who knows that the best haiku illuminate the human condition. Water Lines is a notable contribution to the Western haiku literature.’
—Charles Trumbull

‘Carolyn Hall has a knack for intuiting subtle associations between things that, to the casual reader, may appear widely disparate. Her haiku are also especially musical, enhancing the moods and emotions evoked by these connections. Hall guides us to common ground in the human heart.’
—Christopher Herold
Founding Editor, The Heron's Nest

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spilt milk
spreading along the grout lines
morning chill

sunlit shallows
a frog burrows deeper
into the mud

so suddenly winter
baby teeth at the bottom
of the button jar

slave cemetery
the tug of the current
on willow fronds


‘Masaoka Shiki worried that the combination of the modern age and a finite number of topics would spell the doom of haiku. He would probably rethink that concern upon reading Hall’s work.’
Modern Haiku

‘These carefully crafted poems consistently take the reader’s breath away.’
Harvard Book Review