Stumbles in Clover

Matt Morden

Stumbles in Clover

80 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-23-8


Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award

Praise for Stumbles in Clover

‘These seventy-two haiku—with not a makeweight among them—are instinct with the ‘loneliness, tenderness and slenderness’ that Tony Conran has characterised as the essence of haiku. They are as spare and translucent as it’s possible to be, yet they are deeply affecting (especially the family-based poems) and, particularly when in senryu mode, wryly humorous.’
—Nigel Jenkins

‘The resonant haiku in Stumbles in Clover bear the hallmark of a honed writer. Precise, keen, and image- and nature-rich, these multilayered poems explore ordinary occurrences in an unordinary way. Classic topics such as life, death, relationships, and change are treated with Morden’s fresh touch, ensuring each poem is relevant, open-ended, and highly authentic.’
—Aurora Antonovic

‘Matt Morden infuses his beautifully concise poems with appealing light, color, sound, and texture, vividly presenting everyday events so that readers can discover unexpected drama in the substrata. Stumbles in Clover will keep fans coming back for more.’
—Ferris Gilli
Associate Editor, The Heronís Nest

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Haiku and Senryu

mountain wind
the stillness of a lamb
gathering crows

an old cv
my son colours in
a rainbow

small town pantomime
the audience laugh
in the wrong place


‘A wonderfully tactile writer whose poems explore all the senses.’
Modern Haiku

‘[Morden's] moments always have a freshness of content and surprise that is most satisfying. Highly recommended.’
Haiku Canada Review