Gathering Dusk

Ellen Compton

Gathering Dusk

80 pages
198 mm x 129 mm / 7¾" x 5⅛"
ISBN 978-1-903543-33-7


Shortlisted, The Touchstone Distinguished Books Award

Praise for Gathering Dusk

Gathering Dusk, Ellen Comptonís debut collection, represents the haiku aesthetic at its best. Each word is carefully chosen to maximise its impact, and the poetís sensitivity to the world around us points out a possible path to the secret of life beyond matters of the human mind.’
—Dietmar Tauchner

‘Ellen Comptonís haiku are the little stars in a kaleidoscope, shattering and shining, creating thousands of images. Wherever one lives her poems allow us to enter her world and bring her close with warmth.’
—Emiko Miyashita

‘Ellen Comptonís Gathering Dusk is a collection that fits beautifully under its title. Many of her haiku poignantly draw on experiences in dimming light when other senses awaken. Her poems are rich in sensory images, combined in fresh ways that effectively evoke emotion.’
—Ruth M. Yarrow

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gathering dusk . . .
a ripple in the meadow
where the fox goes

     whispers of a fragrance
my sister loved—
            evening in spring

first light
dark limbs of the walnut
holding their snow