The New Haiku

Edited by John Barlow & Martin Lucas

The New Haiku

Firmly rooted in American culture through the popularization of Zen and the writings of the Beat Generation, by the beginning of the 21st century haiku had become widespread throughout the English-speaking world.

Featuring over 300 poems by 100 writers gravitating together in the melting pot of a common language and modern-day communication, this anthology celebrates the dissemination and ultimate consolidation of the English-language haiku, and the resultant elevation of the form from its previously considered position as an example of ‘exotic verse’.

Definitive essays by the editors trace the assimilation of the evolving English genre, absorbing its Japanese origins and the aesthetics and techniques through which this heritage is enriching English poetry.

The English haiku has arrived and is thriving. Will its future be limited only by our imagination?

224 pages
216 mm x 138 mm / 8½" x 5⅜"
ISBN 978-1-903543-03-0

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another tide—
the beached whale’s jawbone
deeper in the sand

   David Cobb

clouds move in
under the clouds
moving out

   Gary Hotham

dark summer sky—
the disturbed ant’s nest
glitters with wings

   Claire Bugler Hewitt


‘A significant addition to the haiku literature.’
Modern Haiku

‘[An] important volume.’
Frogpond, Journal of the Haiku Society of America